Daniel’s heart skipped a beat when Nik regarded him with his grey eyes. The vulnerability he saw in the depths of them reflected Nik’s soul and he craved to pull him in his arms. Before Daniel could push those thoughts away Nik stepped closer to him, like he’d read his mind and wanted it too. Daniel couldn’t fathom the idea; scared of his own thoughts, the things Nik made him feel.

Images of how it would be with his best friend, scared the hell out of him. And every time he looked into Nik’s eyes, the images were there. It made him want to run for the hills, yet the pull to kiss him, hold him, was so strong. He’d never ever felt anything for a dude before, why did it have to be his best friend?

It wasn’t a fling. He thought about it for so long now. Dreamt about Nik and him. And every time he looked at Nik, the vulnerability struck him again. It wasn’t that he wasn’t strong, Nik was, but when he looked at Daniel he was just so … real. Most people would shield away what they really felt, but Nik had never done that with Daniel. By now he was pretty sure he knew what he wanted. But it made him wonder what Nik saw, when he stared at Daniel intently, like he did now.

‘Do it,’ Nik said.
‘What?’ Daniel’s heart stopped beating and a second later it thundered out of his chest.
‘You know what.’ Nik took the last step and they were practically nose to nose. ‘I know you want it,’ Nik whispered.
Daniel sucked in a breath. ‘We … I … Y-you …’
Nik looked at him fondly and maybe a little amused, but he waited patiently.
And Daniel thought, fuck it. 

He grabbed Nik’s neck and kissed him. Firm but soft lips met his. He moved his own and sucked Nik’s lower lip between his, and Nik moaned. He moaned! Daniel couldn’t believe it and yet, he felt the rumble throughout his whole body.
Daniel pulled back and opened his eyes.
Nik looked back, his lips shiny and a little red. Slowly, his lips stretched into a smile. ‘Yeah,’ he said, ‘I want it too.’


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